Haro Motors

We are proud locally-owned business, tracing back our origins to humble beginnings in the heart of El Paso, Texas, founded by the visionary entrepreneur, Ricardo Haro. With unwavering determination and big dreams, Ricardo embarked on a journey to create a car buying company that prioritizes honesty, transparency, and exceptional customer service. Today, Haro Motors stands tall as a recognized and trusted name in the industry, offering competitive quotes and unbeatable offers to the community it has served for over 30 years. We are home to #AnyCarAnyYear, proud of our ability to provide a fair and enticing offer on any vehicle. Our dedication to staying highly competitive allows us to deliver value and satisfaction to every customer, solidifying our reputation for integrity and reliability in the automotive market.

I had a great experience, the process was fast and easy, I would definlety recommend.
Zion V.
Me dieron mejor oferta que en la Agencia.
Juan Vasquez
I'm in the military at Fort Bliss and had to move and they bought my car back, they gave me a better offer than the CarMax. Would recommend.
Vanessa McGuire
I saw an ad on Facebook and received a great offer in Minutes and they wrote me a check and picked up my car the next day. Thank you, Haro Motors.
Jackie Lozano


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